Kindergarten Program

July 2022

Today we focused on some team build games in the program. One of the challenges given to the children was the "three-legged" race.

The children paired up with a partner and a "coach." The coaches were were children from the school-age program. Following the directions from their coach, the children attempted to walk down the hall without falling with their inner legs tied together. The coach would chant; “Step, together, step. Step, together, step.” In order to successfully walk together, the children needed to listen to their coach while paying attention to their feet. After a bit of a slow start, they began to get the hang of it, increasing their tempo, moving farther down the hall with their partner. With each step, their confidence grew and after almost an hour of working together, they were becoming pros! The "three-legged" race was a great way to collaborate with the older children, build on listening skills, following direcations and team work!

After the challenges, we celebrated our success by inviting the coaches into our room sharing in our play experiences.


Paige Cameron Educator