Kindergarten Program

June 2022

Providing opportunities to challenge children’s thinking and allowing them opportunities to problem solve together is part of our role as educators. Today the perfect opportunity arose…

L’s balloon was stuck on top of a cupboard.

How could he get it down? What could he use in the room to help?

These questions were presented to him by the educator. L paused and thought for a moment, looking around the room.

"Chairs! Lots of Chairs!" He drags a chair over to the cupboard to stand on. It was decided that this might not be the safest idea…"A Ladder!" Good idea but there was no ladder in the room.

R was watching and he decided to help by tossing up popsicle sticks trying to dislodge the balloon. Another good idea…but unsuccessful.

Squatting down to the children’s level and reaching up, the educator suggested finding “something long, that could reach up to the balloon.”

F, a very resourceful thinker, went to retrieve a long wooden plank from the blocks. Unfortunately, the plank was too short and too heavy.

M who was watching from the sidelines speaks up “A sweeper!"

“A broom?”-educator “Yeah, a sweeper”-M

L looks around the room spotting the broom by the door. He quickly grabs it and carries it to the cupboard trying to reach the balloon. With a small boost from the educator, the balloon is free!

What a great opportunity this was for the children to work together showing how resourceful, creative and inventive they are.


Stephanie Cool RECE