Kindergarten Program

may 2022

For the last few months 'C' has been observed wearing beautiful, pink, furry cat ear, earmuffs quite often. Today she was asked the question “why?” We were curious about a few things such as what sparked the start of her wearing them and why does she wear them so often?

When asked about the earmuffs, 'C' replied; “Well, these are not just earmuffs, they are magic earmuffs, and they keep me safe. I keep them on all the time, and I even sleep with them on. I have not gotten hurt since I put them on, so I know they work to keep me safe.”

“Also, these [points to ears] don’t work anymore so I use these [points to cat ears] to hear because they are magic and can hear extra good so I can hear everything!”

Now we know the story behind the "magic earmuffs"...

Stephanie Cool RECE