Kindergarten Program

december 2022

The children have been continuously exploring trajectory by building different types of “launchers” using various loose parts.

Last week NT used paper tubes to build a “rocket launcher” while JH and OR designed a type of catapult, using a large hollow block and a wooden plank launching stuffies though the air.

The children continue to discover new ways to “launch” objects into the air.

Inspired from a donation of small wooden spools, JM built a mini version of JH and OR’s catapult. By placing the spool under a small rectangular block it created a "teeter totter", JM was able to project a small spool into the air several centimeters. For the remainder of the afternoon, JM continue with his exploration, showing his peers how to build their own launchers and testing different variations of their designs.

We are planning on adding some larger spools to our block area and possibly a teeter-totter as further provocation of this interest.


Paige Cameron Educator