october 2016


The children in our Kindergarten program have been exploring magnets. They began by connecting different shaped magnets together to make rocket ships and fishing rods. The children worked together to catch fish. Through these observations and to co-construct with their learning we placed on a cookie sheet an assortment of large magnets, long slim magnets, small square magnets, and triangle shaped magnets. The children began grouping the magnets by shape and size, this is the beginning stages of classifying. Once they had them all sorted they began to make a maze so their marble roll through the maze. Another child was working with the magnets when by accident he realized the cause and effect relationship between the magnet and metal objects. He made this discovery when he picked up a paper clip and placed it by the magnet. Curious by his new discovery he began to use trial by error he worked around the room using the magnet to touch other objects in our room to see if they would attract to the magnet. 

Lynda Moore R.E.C.E. & Sabrina Sobey R.E.C.E.