School Age Program

december 2017

Challenges. The children in the School Age Program have been all about them. They have been challenging each other, challenging them selves, and challenging their educators. These challenges have all been done through "games" and "tasks" that the children come up with each day. On this particular day, the children were working collaboratively building a tower with a mixture of contraption blocks and jenga blocks. They used every single block in the basket and proudly asked for a picture of them to be taken with their structure. Knowing their interest to take part in challenges, a provocation was presented to the children: "I wonder if you could build a taller tower by using the same amount of blocks." CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Before attempting this, they had to figure out a way to measure their structure so that they had a way to "remember how tall it was". Daniel got a piece of string, lined it up against their tower and cut it to height. The children continued with this challenge, creatively finding ways to build a tower taller each time. After each bulild, they used a new piece of string to make sure each tower is taller then the next.

Lina Maclam BA, BED R,ECE, AECEO,C.

Kaylene Zelkovich