School Age Program

January 2021

This month the children have been interested in rocks, shells and magnets. Different types of rocks and shells were introduced into the program and the children spent time examining them and talking about the different kinds of rocks they liked and the ones that they had at home. They began to sort them by shape and colour and this became a prominent dramatic play area in the room, creating museums and stores by laying out the rocks for all the children to look at and ‘buy’. This evolved into an interest in magnets when we added some to their loose parts shelf that looked like rocks. The magnet exploration was extensive with different metal items and magnetic types being added to the area. Throughout the month the children used the magnets in a variety of different ways: sticking them to anything and everything metal, using them as ‘earrings’, making games, painting with them, sticking them on clothing, carrying items around, creating a fishing game, magnetic search and find sensory jars, and building with them. Take a look at the photos!

Kayla Katchur RECE

Lynette Spicer Early Childhood Assistant