School Age Program

october 2017

Before School Program versus After School Program: Building Challenge!

The children in the before school program have continued with building structures and adding on each morning. The straw connectors were added to the environment to expand on this interest and tall towers were added to their structure. The children after school noticed the height of the towers and wanted to leave "a surprise" for the before school children. "A taller tower then theirs" Daniel said. The children had to work collaboratively together to figure out how to get the straws "up to the ceiling". Nicholas found small straws to add to the top of the structure, and Romeo and Caspian figured out that lying the straws on the floor first to connect will help them build up high. Now, who can measure them to see who's is taller?

Lina Maclam R,ECE, AECEO,C.

Kaylene Zelkovich Early Childhood Assistant