School Age Program

May 2075

To further expand on STORY TELLING, we placed coloured sand on the light table with paint brushes.   The children were instantly drawn to the media and began telling stories to one another.

Two children worked together taking turns adding parts to their story as they drew together in the sand...

"Once there was a butterfly and he was made of sand"

"After the boy took butterfly in he let him out in nature so he can live in nature" 

"There were two bunnies and they loved eating candy canes.  One day they didn't have any more candy canes and they wet to the store and got more candy canes.  They got so much that their house was almost made out of candy canes"

"There was a little girl who liked eating candy canes and she had a house and her door was full of candy canes and even the outside everyone would come over to her house and eat!"

Lina Maclam  R,ECE, AECEO,C.

Kaylene Zelkovich Early Childhood Assistant