School Age Program

february 2020

Due to the ongoing interest in knots we decided to try to untangle ourselves after creating a knot by holding hands. The children were encouraged to talk out their plans and practice their problem solving skills while working as a team. Thinking critically about how their hands and arms were intertwined they figured out that any action they did affected everyone else inside their knot. When one child moved too quickly or didn’t tell others what their plan was other children in the knot would fall over or have to follow them through the knot; making this an interesting experiment in peer accountability. Slowly they began to reason their way through the knot looking at whose hands were on top, where they could crawl through and how to untangle each other

“’H, I think you need to step through E and B’s arms. See? Like make a low hole.” – 'K's' idea

B – “Okay, now I think I need to go under!”

We were excited to be able to observe this teamwork opportunity, while they didn’t completely untangle themselves before the bell we know that they’re super excited to try again tomorrow!

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant

Lynette Spicer Early Childhood Assistant