School Age Program

december 2019

When the children came outside today they were excited to find squirt bottles, jars full of paint, tubes and brushes. They excitedly got to work and began covering the snow on our playground and thoughtfully created a canvas with the materials available. Many children were eager to create works of art on the snow painting flowers, hearts and snowflakes. While observing, we were surprised to see an exploration of literacy and community take form. Using squeeze bottles M and C used the paint to write messages to other students that would see their art on Monday. J Used the squirt bottles to write the names of members of his family in the snow and M chose to draw a map of our playground, When a jar of paint was spilled S saw an opportunity to collect the painted snow into a container and mix it up until it melted so it could once again be used.

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant

Lynette Spicer Early Childhood Assistant