School Age Program

october 2021

This month the children have been very interested in Beyblades. At the beginning of the month the interest was sparked when one child in the program brought their own Beyblades from home and was happy to share with anyone who wanted to play. Shortly after, other children in the program started showing up with their own Beyblades. Children began bringing in more than one so that they could share with others. This really sparked a sense of caring about others feelings in our program. The next step in the adventure was bringing an arena to use the Beyblades in. The children used it a few days and then started using different materials around the room to create custom arenas. Overall, the use of Beyblades in our program has created a sense of belonging and has sparked lots of creative thinking.

“OMG look how sick this is!” JT

“Let’s make our base better” CW

“Look, I’s is on fire!” LB

Stephanie Cool RECE

Lynette Spicer Early Childhood Assistant