School Age Program

June 2019

After observations and interest in gravity, trajectory and momentum; the children were issued a challenge by their Educators

“Can you make a hot air balloon and keep your person inside all the way down?”

Using cardboard cups and recyclable materials the children rushed to the challenge, eager to bring their unique design to the task. The children debated how to insure their people would survive their hot air balloon trip.

We were careful to not place any constraints or rules on what materials the children were able to use, how to attach their hot air balloons, and what their designs should look like. We were astounded to see the different techniques the children implored to keep their “guys” in their device until it hit bottom. Voilet chose to add rocks to add extra weight, Mason added a seat belt using elastic bands and Lillianne added a “windshield” using clear tape. Take a look at some of the designs!

Madeline Compton OCT

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant