School Age Program

may 2019

The following pictures are taken of the children incorporating loose parts with nature to tell a story.

Aidan used the light projector and loose parts to show his peers how he thought "roots would escape the seed." If you look close at the photo, you will see long "roots" growing out of the bottom of his "seed". He titled his story 'A roots journey to the sun."

Mason used rocks and pipe cleaners on the light table to demonstrate how a tornado moves during a storm.

Lillianne used natural materials to create a "nature scene". Using rocks, sand, and twigs, she created "a palm tree at the beach."

Sophia set up pieces of bark in the sensory table and placed the plastic bugs in it. She suspended the cocoon off of the bark to demonstrate the "life cycle of a butterfly."

Madeline Compton OCT

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant