School Age Program

april 2019

On a rainy April day we observed an overwhelming interest in trajectory when Daniel entered the program. He immediately grabbed a roll of paper and asked for assistance taping the paper to the ceiling and down the wall. With a vision in his mind, Daniel began drawing lines up the paper and attaching numbers to them… 1.1… 2.2… 3.3… 4.4…Daniel then invited other children to see what their “high score” would be by jumping and touching the paper. Daniel left the challenge for the morning group to see how high they could jump too! Every child in both programs were so excited to see how they “measured up". Alexander noticed a trend that he was excited to share with the room, “The younger kids are the shorter kids and their jumps are the shortest too!” This inspired some children to organize an experiment, Matthew and Caspian wanted to know if height would play a part in jumping forwards. With tape on the floor, the children excitedly lined up to test their body’s ability to jump and how far.

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant

Madeline Compton OCT