Nursery School Program

february 2019

From mixing to stirring and taste testing the children have been exploring different materials and routines within the house center. Each child has shown an interest in cooking or preparing a delicious dessert as they re-enact roles that are familiar to them. The children engage in play that represents real life experiences that they have seen before. For example, Ariana makes her mom coffee in the house center before her mom leaves. This is something that Ariana has been apart of in her real life and can now imitate in her play. We have provoked further learning by adding real food items such as muffin mix, canned beans, and mashed potatoes to the house center. The children are able to further their learning by using all of their senses. Most recently they have engaged in real baking experiences from start to finish (prep to clean up).

Ashlie Johnston RECE

Robyn Larabee RECE