Nursery School

march 2019

To extend on the dramatic play observations made on "baking", we set out some ingredients on the table for the children to explore (flour, oil, water, hot chocolate powder, bowls, mixing spoons and measuring cups).

J points to a large bag and yells “That’s flour”

E notices, “Flour is in the bowl”

C helps measure an ingredient “it’s salt!”

The children all taste the salt to see if they can guess what it is and they do not like it!

Educator A hold up the oil and asks if the children know what it is?

J “That’s oil”

E “oil taste like cauliflower”

Educator A “What do you think we are making?”

The group agrees that we are making cupcakes until a special ingredient was introduced, the hot chocolate powder.

We added the hot chocolate and started to mix everything together. Once the children saw how the ingredients mixed together they were excited to see that we were making hot chocolate scented playdough.

Ashlie Johnston RECE

Robyn Larabee-Sereda RECE