Nursery School

october 2018

As Halloween approached us the room became filled with spooky stories and real life experiences as the children shared what they do as a family to prepare for Halloween. The topic in the room that every child shared as they all did this activity was carving a pumpkin with their families. We decided to bring in a pumpkin for our Nursery School families to carve together.This experience brought out a lot of stories from the children about how they carved their pumpkins at home. As the children carved the pumpkin they had the opportunity to explore the inside of the pumpkin as we cleaned it out with our hands. The children were not interested in putting their hands inside the pumpkin, but once the inside of the pumpkin was pulled out and put on a tray the children were very thrilled to explore it that way instead. As the children explored this aspect of the pumpkin, Charlie was unsure about touching it but he said “I did a face with my dad”, so we asked him what kind of face it was and Charlie responded “a scary one”. We then asked Charlie if he would like to draw our face for the pumpkin since he had shared his experience with making the faces previously. I grabbed the markers and a blank piece of paper and brought them over to Charlie at the table… he quickly grabbed the marker and began to draw the face.He said “these are the eyes, circles”. Charlie labelled what each feature was along with what the shape that he was to making. This experience was child lead as the children told the educators how the pumpkin needed to be cut and cleaned based off of their individual experiences at home. Charlie created the face of the pumpkin based off of what he could recall when he did his “scary face” at his house with his dad.

Ashlie Johnston