Nursery School

January 2018

This morning we set up some materials purposely on the carpet to represent an obstacle course after our observations on the children “balancing” on Tuesday. Hannah B. was the first at the carpet and placed the grill on top of the tire and began placing blocks on top. Our gross motor experience then turned into something amazing…

Hannah W joins Hannah B and they engage in a conversation while sitting around the structure. “The stick is for burning marshmallows, roast on the fire” HW. Max and Julianna join and the children talk about roasting marshmallows and that HB made a fire to do this.

To add an element of surprise to this play, an educator grabbed some real marshmallows and placed it near the “fire”. HW was the first to spot the bowl. “I got marshmallows!” she announced to her friends very excitedly. HB’s face was priceless. Her mouth dropped and her eyes went big…”Let’s go to the fire!”

“Where’s my stick?” Oliver askes. An educator gets some popsicle sticks and places them near the fire. The children each place a marshmallow on a stick.

“Got to wait till it’s brown then you can eat it” Max shares with his friends

“It’s hot” Julianna says

“It’s brown on one side” Hannah W

“We roast it at camp” HW

Makes it hotter” Kyan says as he holds his stick over the “fire”.

“If we put lights out we can have a campout” Max says

(We turn the lights off)

“We are camping!” Julianna

“We need more marshmallows” Oliver says (we get more)

The children continue to hold their 2nd marshmallow over the fire and engage in conversations. Once they were done eating their snack, Hannah B says “Fire’s out!” “That means it is time for bed” Julianna adds.

Some of the children continue to play in the tent after Max called it the “sleeping quarters”.

This experience lasted 20 minutes.

It just goes to show you how much can happen when you follow the lead of the child!

Lina Maclam R,ECE, AECEO,C. BA.BED

Kaylene Zelkovich Early Childhood Assistant