Nursery School

December 2017

With the holidays fast approaching, the children have been buzzing with excitement and full of stories to share about their preparation for "you know who!" "I have a tree in my house!" was shared by one of the children which sparked each child to tell their Christmas Tree tale.

To bring this interest into the environment, we placed some loose parts in a tray on the floor along with green felt triangles. We wondered if the children would use them to represent the trees they decorated at home. Right away, the children explored the different materials in the tray and placed them on the triangles. Colby used the buttons and placed them in a row across his "tree". Kyle used the materials and made a straight line down the centre of his "tree" vertically. Did they do this thinking of lights or garland on their trees? They worked on this without sharing any thoughts as they placed the materials down.

Lina Maclam BA, BED R,ECE, AECEO,C.

Kaylene Zelkovich Early Childhood Assistant