Nursery School

May 2019

This morning the children were all engaged in the block area. “This is our bus!” The children began to call each other by their names to aboard the school bus. Once all children were on the bus, Kash let the children know that they can "stand on a bus". We then noticed the children were using keys in their play. “What are keys for?” (Isla) “They lock the door” and “they will turn on the bus” (Carson). Kash then began to drive the bus and with curiosity we asked “Where is this bus going?” Gabby eagerly replied by saying, “to school” and Carson added “to the playground”. This experience caught all our attention as they are beginning to engage in big life events through play. This allows the children to adapt to changes that are occurring in their life at a pace that they are comfortable with. We look forward to further this interest as the weather gets nicer and we can go outdoors to see if we can spot any buses.

Robyn Larabee-Sereda RECE

Ashlie Johnston RECE