Nursery School

april 2018

This morning, Kyle picked up the clipboard and began drawing tiny CIRCLES..."This is mom and dad" he said as he pointed to the marks he made. Could these be letters?

We wondered if Kyle was using the marks as representations of letters. An educator drew the letter “K” and said she made K for Kyle. Kyle then began copying the letter K on the paper. He was then shown “M” for mom, curious if he would try copying the mark. He did. Hannah W was watching and wanted to see “Hannah’s”. She drew the letter “H” and Kyle began drawing H’s on his paper. Hannah W went over to the white boards and also tried making “H’s”. We will be exploring letters and lines further this month. Stay tuned...

Lina Maclam R,ECE, AECEO,C.

Kaylene Zelkovich ECE Assistant