Kindergarten Program

february 2018

We observed Mason and Evan placing the small cans in the big cans and then placing the big cans inside the tire. They then would roll the tire and the cans would fall out. One of the times after rolling the tire and cans falling out, Mason said “quick we need to get the people back on the fairest wheel”. Evan and Mason quickly gathered the cans placing the small ones in the big ones and putting them back in the tire. Again, they’d push the tire, it would roll, and the cans would fall out. Evan said, “the people need to stay in their seats.” Jen asked what the tire was, Mason explained, “the tire is a ride, the big cans are seats and the little cans are people on the ride” Evan said, “it’s a fairest wheel”. Jenn asked if they’ve been on a fairest wheel before, Mason said “Yes” Jenn asked, and did you fall out? “NO” Mason answered. Jenn then asked, “how come?” Evan said “because people get buckled in” the boys continued with their play after about 5 minutes in Evan goes to the art cart and comes back with pipe cleaners, the boys worked together to create buckles to hold their people on the ride. They problem solved together that it would take three pipe cleaners pre-ride seat. They were challenged to try and make one ride seat make it to the top with out falling out and they did it.

Jenn Cook DSW, RLS

Dee Polowski R,ECE, AECEO,C.