Kindergarten Program

february 2021

This month the children were very interested in how they see themselves. We came up with the idea to let the children create their own self-portraits. An educator helped trace the children’s bodies, and the children used a variety of materials to "colour" themselves in. One child said, “I have 10 fingers and toes.” It was interesting to watch as the child then drew 10 fingers and toes on each hand and foot. Even after he completed this, he was convinced that this is how is body looked. All the children drew smiles on their faces. The educator provided some collage materials including added yarn and tape to see what the children would do. Some added the yarn on top of their heads for their hair. They used the tape to hold the yarn in place. Other children taped yarn in different places of their body. Were they thinking that these were bones or something else? We are curious about their thoughts and will continue to observe as we work on these bodies.

Jaime Farrell RECE

Justine Galarneau RECE