Kindergarten Program

november 2017

Capturing Children’s Thinking and Ideas: Authentic Moment

Theories of a Seashell!

Landon and Hayden were exploring the seashell holding it their ears and carefully listening, Landon said “I can’t hear it” Hayden asked to try held to his ear and said “nope I don’t hear it either”

Kylah who is playing nearby says “it broken” the boys didn’t hear her and they continued to try to listen to the shell and smelling it. Hayden tried plugging his other ear and holding it to listen closer.

Kylah says again but a little louder this time “boys it’s broken” boys didn’t know she was talking to them..

Educator told the boys that Kylan was telling them something and encouraged Kylan to tell them again.

“It’s broken” she says Landan hands the shell to Kylah.

“Look” pointing to the hole in the shell “the ocean leaked out, that’s why you can’t hear it”

It’s moments like these that illustrate and capture how children think and learn from one another.

Jen Cook DSW,RLS

Dee Powlowski R,ECE, AECEO,C.