Kindergarten Program

september 2020

Welcome back everyone! We have had a lovely start to our year in the Kindergarten/Grade 1 Program.

We have noticed that one of the things the children have been drawn to in our environment is the art centre. Today, we observed A observing the other children at play in the program. A typically enjoys colouring every day, so as she was observing the children Vanessa challenged her thinking by asking her to draw something in the room that she sees. The first picture is of the "children pretending to hide from a giant." The second picture is of "children eating their afternoon snack." A's work was interesting to us as we spend a lot of our time observing the children and recording what they are learning in our environment. We wonder, was this her intent?

Jamie Farrell RECE

Vanessa Wyllie ECE

Lyndsey Swoluk Early Childhood Assistant