Kindergarten Program

september 2017

Cooperative games like Checkers, Jenga, Connect Four, Snakes and Ladders, Hungry Hippo are a huge interest to the children this week. We were seeing a little last week but with adding more to the games shelf it’s becoming more evident in the program. We can set up the tables with materials to provoke other play interests but we have been observing that the children are pushing that stuff a side and bring out the games off the game shelf.

Games are a great way to explore relationships and getting to know each other. Relationship building is so important in the beginning of a new program. Playing these board games provides the children with important social skills, such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns and learning to enjoy interaction with others. They help with self regulation through fostering the ability to focus, and lengthening the children’s attention spans. As well it provides cognitive and concept learning such as; number and shape recognition, grouping, and counting, letter recognition and pre-literacy and reading. It also involves visual perception and colour recognition as well as eye hand coordination and manual dexterity.

Outside we are introducing some organized cooperative games like Red Light, Green Light, What time is it Mr. Wolf and Duck, Duck Goose. We also see Tag, Follow the Leader, “Lava Monster” and “Shark Bite” naturally happening on the climber and amongst the outdoor play environment.

We will continue this week with placing out more games for them to explore and play. As well scaffolding and planning of more co-operative group games to play outside.

We are all looking for Donations of more broad games to proper more varied to the games shelf.

Jen Cook DSW, RLS

Valerie Swan RECE