Kindergarten Program

november 2019

While kindergartners and school-agers were in the school-age room ‘D’ discovered our loose parts shelf, excitedly he took clear recycled containers onto the floor and began experimenting with them, he clapped them together over his head, hit them, and stacked them. While sitting on the floor, I observed bewildered looks and investigation from older school-agers watching him, they seemed as though they were trying to understand what he found so interesting. He raised two of the containers to his ears and looked around the room, he seemed to be exploring the change in sound. One of the school-agers watching said “What is he doing?” We replied “Exploring, what do you think he sees or hears?”

Cautiously school-agers and kindergartners approached, and began studying and mimicking his movements with the materials to see what he was exploring. ‘H’ raised the cups up to his ears and exclaimed “IT SOUNDS LIKE SEASHELLS!”

Quickly more and more children rushed over to try ‘D’s’ investigations of loose parts, they began stacking, drumming, clapping and inventing new sensory explorations of loose parts by placing them over their eyes, trying new materials over their ears and investigating the changes. We were excited to see them showing ‘D’ the different materials and ways to use them like ‘D’ had done for them. Using loose parts, patience and a little curiosity the children stopped, and took some time to step into another child’s shoes to see what he sees.

Morgan Atwood Early PSW

Lyndsey Swoluk Early Childhood Assistant

Amber Paul Early Childhood Assistant