Kindergarten Program

May 2017

Daniel invites the children to come play and sit on his roller coaster, this play went on for 35 minutes, he even had teachers and parents join in and ride his roller coaster.

“The roller coaster is open who wants to ride it?” “Come sit and on my roller coaster ride” Daniel would say

With the use of the coach and the big cardboard open ended roll, He was using as the “safety bar, so people don’t fall out” Daniel would get his friends to sit on the coach and he’d “click” the safety bar in place while making that sound. 

They would all count down from 10. “” they’d all raise their arms and scream just like they were on a roller coaster.


Open-ended means not having a fixed answer; unrestricted. The children themselves decide what to do, how to do it, and what to use. These are objects that have many uses and endless possibilities. There are no exceptions, no specific problems to solve, no rules to follow, and no pressure to produce a finished project. It's about FREE PLAY!

Valarie Swan R.ECE

Jen Cook Early DSW RLS