Kindergarten Program

January 2020

Using the large blocks, a few children in the program created their representation of a "firetruck." C, R, and K, took turns "answering calls from 911".

"Hello? There's a fire? At the campsite? We're on our way!" R said very seriously.

C used his “pumper fire hands” to squish the fire. "The big hoses on the side could pump water out too." C

“We only take the really big fires because were the special fire fighters”-K

"Dalmatian pup C" would open the doors for the rest of his team and carry buckets over for them to use.

Throughout the day the team of firefighters put out fires all over the room including the doctor’s office, the school, the whole forest, the fire station, and the campsite. (pictures to follow...)

Vanessa Wyllie Early Childhood Assistant

Morgan Atwood PSW