Kindergarten Program

march 2019

“We’re down to zero energy”-said Joel as the generator fell over and needed to be fixed.

Joel and Hayden work hard to create a structure to power the trains and cars to run. Using a long tube and a variety of blocks they have created a power station and tunnel. The power station or generator is made up of a variety of coloured blocks,

The generator “sucks light up and turns it to gas and the machine gets going”- Hayden

Each time they create new gas and energy the generator changes shape and height. Joel creates a tall tower to help create more energy to power the cars.

The children quickly race the cars to the bottom of the tunnel to use up all the energy to the blocks and create more from the sun.

We are excited to see how we can add to this interest by learning about power and what else can create power.

Ashlie Johnston RECE

Robyn Larabee-Sereda RECE