Kindergarten Program


A KITCHENETTE Designed and created by: Preston

In our environment we provide many different open ended and loose part materials that allow children to use these materials however they imagine that they can. Preston is a very creative and an elaborate thinker which allows him to build any design a variety of different things using these materials. One day Preston had come to the program with a thought in mind and instantly went over to the large boxes where he gathered all his materials. After all materials were gathered he came over to the educators and asked for a piece of plain white paper which we provided to him. I began to closely observe Preston as I knew he was to create something using the materials he picked. Preston took the blank piece of paper along with a pen and went into the School Age room where they have a kitchenette. As soon as he entered the Kitchenette he began to observe the sink area after he took a quick glimpse he began to draw on his piece of paper. I then asked Preston what he had in mind, he quickly responded with “I am drawing out my plan for the kitchen I am going to build”, I paused for a minute and provoked the conversation further by inquiring what made him want to build this kitchenette, so I asked him. Preston explained to me that he needed to build this for his home at his house. After he was finished drawing out his plan he brought it up to me and asked if he could use hot glue to attach the pieces together. The hot glue gun was provided and Preston went to work not stopping until it was time to go home, which he then put all the supplies together in one part of the room so he could finish off the following day. The following day he went straight to that area and began building once again and it was very neat to observe how he thought to put each piece together and designed each piece to represent the exact kitchenette he drew out. This was a step by step process that allowed Preston to use his imagination and previous knowledge to build on how he was going to create and design his master piece.

Ashlie Johnston Kindergarten Program Educator