Kindergarten Program

april 2017

Phoenix at the snack table says “I love cooking marsh mellows on the fire” the trail mix we are having for snack sparkled this conversation. “Smores are my favorite” Phoenix says

Educator ask “what’s a smore?”

Phoenix “its crackers and choc and marshmallows”

Hazel “that would be a good snack”

Landon “you can cook them in the microwave” Phoenix “or on a fire”

Lex “I can make a smore” he takes the crackers from the trail mix and puts a marshmallow in the middle and a chocolate chip on top.

Phoenix shares “this are the prefect chocolate for smores” as she picks them out of her trail mix and eats them.

Educator told the children at the snack table that Lina is the one that does our groceries. Educator asked “how would Lina know what we needed” Hazel “put it on a list” Phoenix went to the art table and gathered the materials she needed. She made her representational drawing of a smore. She explained that a smore has two crackers one on top and one on the bottom and chocolate. She said “the marshmallow is black because she burnt it” Phoenix asked me how to spell smore, we sounded it out together and she used the letter ruler as a guide on how to write the letters.

Educator encouraged her to talk to Lina. Phoenix asked Lina if she could get the items she needed to make smores. She gave her the picture she drew and explained she needs crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.

She was able to use her skills by draw a material list and was able to communicate to Lina what she wanted.

We have changed next Wednesdays snack to Smores.

Lina Maclam  R,ECE, AECEO,C.

Kaylene Zelkovich Early Childhood Assistant