Kindergarten Program

december 2016

The Kindergarten Program has been very interested in building forts. The children began by bringing items from around the room and retreated under the tables. The children evolved from spending time under the tables to using chairs to section off different areas of the room as forts. After observing the children, the educators decided to put out some other open-ended materials such as large pieces of fabric and clothes pins and placed them by the large wooden blocks. One day after snack, three children were playing with cars when one child said “hey let’s build a fort for our cars” all three children started to gather the large blocks and began to build a fort. They used the wooden blocks to form a U shape and then draped the fabric over top of their structure using the clothes pins to secure the fabric to the blocks. We will continue to explore the interest of the children by observation and providing the materials that will encourage their learning. 

Lynda Moore

 Sabrina Sobey R,ECE, AECEO,C.