After School Program

february 2019

This month we have observed a large interest in children documenting their process and sharing it with their peers. After flipping through past documentation binders in our environment Claire decided she would sit down and document what she had been doing in our school age program.

“Hi my name is Claire and I am going to talk about how I got the idea of making kids in our program in funny poses. First Selena and I took pictures of kids making scared and funny and cool poses. Secondly we print and cut and laminated the pictures. Thirdly me and other kids made a hill out of snow and I did one of Mya in our program being attacked by polar bears in our water table full of white fluffy snow. Finally I decided to move it on a shelf I took a blue block and some fake grass and placed the figures and on the grass or the sky. That’s how I made all of the cool and funny pictures.” – Claire, Grade Three.

Once her documentation was posted in our room Claire was eager to share her passion of cinematography with the other children. Eager to walk them through her process, use of camera and encouraging other children to write about their passions too!

Selena Martin Educator Assistant

Madeline Compton OCT