After School Program

January 2019

Where Do They Live?

Entering the room Sophia and Seija were immediately drawn to a table set up with white loose parts; caps, coasters and buttons on top of a mirror for an extra dimension. While flipping through a book on the table “Very Last First Time” by Jan Andrews and Ian Wallace; Where a little girl drills underneath the ice to explore a waterless ocean bottom Seija and Sophia learned all about the life present on the ocean floor. During a discussion about what lives in ice Seija decided to use the loose parts available to make an ice cave for Polar Bears. They stacked two towers side by side paying special attention to the height of it’s future occupant and ensuring they were of equal height so it doesn’t fall over and can balance. Eventually The polar bear was joined by other animals that they thought would live in the same area as the polar bear. They included Brown Bears, Seals and Seija’s Penguin crackers.

When asked why bears would need to sleep in caves Seija artfully explained:

“It’s a icy, icy cave. Lots of bears hibernate in the winter and since they live in the North Pole they must always sleep because it’s always winter. If they have the cave roof over their head they won’t get covered in snow.”

The girls continued to build their bears environment to suit his needs. They chose a piece of carpet to represent the roof of their cave because the top of the cave would catch the most snow they thought the texture of the carpet represented that well.

Selena Martin Educator Assistant

Madeline Compton OCT