After School Program

november 2018

While outside enjoying the winter weather Mya decided the the snow was the perfect stickiness to make a snowman! As soon as she got to work she quickly had a group full of children investigating what she was doing, eager to see if she needed any help. Without skipping a beat Mya decided she would be ”Snowman Captain” and assigned jobs for every child to assist with. First she asked the children to sit and asked “What do we need for a snowman?” Daniel and Ryan quickly raised their hands and announced that they could go look for rocks for its face. Once their jobs were handed out the children quickly scattered across the playground in search of natural representations of hair, arms, a nose, a hat, a scarf and anything else that caught their eyes. Anthony found a discarded ribbon and decided that it would make a perfect scarf! Once all pieces were collected Mya began leading the children in assembly of our frosty friend. Once "he" was completed the children couldn't wait for him to have his photo taken.

“Take his photo so we can remember him forever!” - Ryan

Madeline Compton OCT

Selena Martin Educator Assistant