After School Program

september 2018

Trying to cheer up a friend from the kindergarten program who was having a rough morning the children in the school age program asked if he could come join us so they could make him smile. The children banded together, sat the kindergartner on their “couch” and decided to “put a movie on” which involved dropping a VHS tape into the TV made out of blocks and using its title to act out what they thought the movie was about.

HAUNTED: One child decided that haunted was a musical all about ghosts. So the other children were her ghosts as she sang them in and out of screen


“It's like… doing something that seems impossible and never finishing because it's impossible”

- A child said

“Maybe like homework?” - One child offered

“Or going grocery shopping!” - Another child suggested

The children launched into action acting out their impossible missions.

Another child then decided that puppets were the way to make him smile. So each child picked a puppet and an order of presentation and took turns at the “TV” telling jokes to make him smile.

Needless to say our Kindergartner's day turned around very quickly and was grinning ear to ear.

Selena Martin Educator Assistant

Madeline Compton OCT