Toddler Program

august 2021

Community is a big part of a Reggio inspired philosophy, and we have been fortunate this summer to have the community provide a natural provocation for the children.Construction! Right outside our playground we have had an opportunity to observe the road construction happening on River St.Each day the children are eager to watch the “BIG” machines working.Exclaiming WHOA!!!! as they sit and watch the excavator working only a few feet a way.We see their eyes growing wide, as they realize how enormous the machines really are; feeling the movement under their feet, and hearing the loud banging as it picks up and drops a load of dirt.

Expanding on this curiosity we have brought the outdoors in.We have added actual photos of the heavy equipment to our building area, where we observed the children eagerly showing educators and peers the pictures, gesturing to the windows; showing us they are making the connection to what is happening outside.We have been exploring paint using textured rollers, small trucks and wheels instead of brushes, mimicking the movement of the trucks outside. We have even gone for a community walk to see other constructions sites in our neighbourhood. The children have also made a social connection with the workers, smiling and waving to them, while they respond by honking their horns (Wonder if they know how they have become heroes to the children, as they carry on with their everyday work.)

Each day as we observe the children’s continued excitement of see what is happening in their neighbourhood, we are reminded of the importance of our community, and all the natural learning moments that take place, just by sitting and observing the world around us.

Carissa Sanderson RECE, Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO.C