Toddler Program

november 2022

A and W sat down at the kitchen center and set to work gathering materials like bottles, bowls, and food. A and W began representing some familiar roles that they are used to by pretending to drink, drinking from cups, and getting food from the shelves. Their excitement and joy caught the attention of the rest of the children who quickly set to work.

A got a pot out of the cupboard and brought it to the table. E and S began getting the food pieces and placed them in “soup” A said. E “Yea, nom nom” as she pretended to eat some of the food at the table. S came over and began to pretend to take a big drink “Water. Drink.” B picked up a teacup and held it up. A picked up the tea pot and poured it into B's cup who proceeded to drink from it. This replicatory continued for a few moments with the children looking and interacting with one another over familiar roles.

All of a sudden, A yells out “My kitchen!” pointing to the wall where we have the photos some of our families sent in displayed. “B’s Kitchen, W Kitchen. A kitchen too” This caught the attention of H who certainly came over and pointed to his photo “My kitchen!” E heard this and came over to see the excitement. After a brief pause, she too realized her kitchen was represented here too “My kitchen!” she said with a look at such joy and belonging. S began looking at the photos and said “not mine…Nanoo” possibly recognizing that his photo isn't up, or maybe one of his peers' photos look like his Nanoo’s kitchen? The rest of the children began to climb up onto the shelf to look at the photos W said “My kitchen at my house.” A “I eat in my kitchen” E “Eat. Kitchen”

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin