Toddler Program

march 2022

The last couple of days the children have been really enjoying exploring the movement of glue as it drips off of their glue sticks onto their paper. This was first sparked from an observation of 'E' who was observer scooping the glue up and holding it eye level as she watched it slowly drip to the college art, that was out at the table. From there more experiences have been placed out for the children to further explore this. Today paint glue (which is a little thicker than just glue) was put out at the table. 'H' really enjoyed the thickens as he watched it drip off of his glue tick onto his page “Oh look sticky see”. 'A' enjoyed scooping as much glue as he could and quickly smeared it across his page as fast as he could. 'J. D.' however wanted to explore it a hole other way as he grabbed the whole glue container and poured it into a large bucket and then on his page “oh look messy!”. It was a very creative and neat way to explore the glue as all of the colours ran into each other creating a rainbow effect. However, it also sparked everyone else to pour their glue out which then turned into a cleaning activity. ???? 'J'’s exploration of the glue paint then sparked a cornstarch and water activity for the children to scoop, drip and explore in large pans. They love it and proceeded to drip it all over their hands, arms and popsicle sticks. It was a wonderful messy sensory experience for everyone ????

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Carissa Sanderson RECE