Toddler Program

may 2024

As we are continuing our exploration with gardening, we decided to set out some soil, trucks, shovels, rocks, and leaves in our sand tray this morning! The children immediately gravitated towards the sand tray once they arrived into the classroom

F scooped the soil using his shovel and placed it into the back of the dump truck. He then began pushing it around the sand tray. We asked F, “Where is your dump truck going to drive to?”, to which F replied, “To metro! But I have to bring the dump truck to the mine...because that’s where dirt goes!”. S hid his rocks under a pile of soil and said “My rocks are hiding!”. As Mc watched F bring his dump truck to the ‘mine’, Mc brushed soil across his cheeks and said “I’m at the mine too!”. The children then created a scavenger hunt by hiding the rocks underneath the soil. “I found an egg!” said B as he excitedly held up his rock. H let us know that we need to bring the leaves to the garden so our flowers can grow

Smriti Bhoray ECE BEd BA in special education, Emily Merenda RECE