Toddler Program

September 2022

Sometimes All You Need is a Helping Hand from a Few Good Friends!

Displaying Empathy in Play

This morning was all about collaboration and working together. W was on the carpet with Lauren building with the blocks. “W. Blocks. Crash. Down '' This obviously sparked some interest and some of the other children came to explore the different Trajectories the blocks would take as they tumbled to the ground. “Whoa! Far. Block” A noted as he saw the blocks slide across the carpet. At one point, W began to climb on the blocks looking out, enjoying the new Perspective it lended would jump off. At one point, his foot slipped and W kind of stumbled off. Seeing this, S decided to be a kind friend and offer him a helping hand. W gladly took it and the two helped each other up on the block and then proceeded to jump down. This sparked a chain reaction of friends helping friends. Each time another child wanted to get up on the blocks a hand came out to help and the children proceeded to take turns jumping. At one point there were just too many people in the blocks so W and H went to the block shelf and got more to make our space bigger so that more children could fit! What a wonderful display of empathy, cooperation, turn taking and communication! Way to work together Toddler Friends!!!

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin