Toddler Program

february 2023

Cars!, Hats!, and Records!, Oh My!

Today after reflecting on our observations and wanting to continue the children’s exploration and expression in representational and symbolic play Selena decided to bring out some large loose parts and challenge the children to think BIG! The children were more than up to the task as they took to the drivers seat in their play, constructing and creating their own car. The children explored the possibilities of the crates and records before them as they investigated these new materials. The children talked to educators and amongst themselves as they played:

A: “Hat?” as she placed it on her head. Giggling L and H try on their hats as well.

H: “Wheels”

S: crawls into one of the crates and begins holding his record out in front of him turning it.

A: Like a wheel

S: “A Car!... Im going to drive me home to my mommy and daddy!”

H: “Driving!”

L: begins pushing the back of their car “AND GO!!”

A: “The wheels on the side!”

A saw this taking place and decided she needed a car of her own too, bringing the baby cradle over to the carpet, she climbs in and brings her record in front of her to drive with her friends. Later B came up with a plan to join in on the play too! Bringing the cradle over to the front of the car he sat and joined in on the fun! We’re so excited to see where the children go next as they continue to delve into their representational and symbolic expression.

Selena Martin, Lauren Dewar RECE