Toddler Program

october 2021

The morning started off with exploring scissors with plasticine. M, E and J were really excited and ran over as soon as Rachelle set it up. E really enjoyed poking and pushing the scissor into the plasticine, while M was quite fixated on poking the plasticine and lifting it up with the scissors. J, however was very focused on how the scissor work, as he held them close to his face and proceeded to open and close them over and over again. The exploration continued throughout the morning as more arrived. After the plasticine was done, paper was placed out (first time we have had paper with scissors). This generated more excitement as R, H, W and J.D. came to explore. It started with exploring how to open and close the scissors and then how to pick up/ grab the paper with them. Many quickly noticed that poking the paper didn’t work the same way it did with the plasticine, so they explored other options. This led us into ripping the paper into piece, which was very fun and exciting. After all of the paper was ripped H did something that shifted the whole exploration, he threw his small pieces up into the air! “Oh No! Look” It was quite exciting as some of the children watched them float to the floor. This became the next step to our exploration, it was no longer about the scissors, it was about the movement of the paper. Quickly the paper moved around the room, as a small group of children explored throwing it up in a variety of different ways. R even explored it form different levels as he stood on the peek-a-boo box. To further expand on this, we came up with the idea to bring feathers with pipe cleaners attached outside (so the feather wouldn’t blow too far away, or out of the playground ????). Some of the children enjoyed it for a short period of time, which then shifted to running around with them. However not all was lost as R and C begun grabbing leaves and throwing them up into the air, which fell on the slid. This then sparked the children to put more leaves on the slide and with Rachelle’s help the game of sliding down the slide and moving the leaves was created. What a wonderful series of events that naturally led into each other. ????

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Carissa Sanderson RECE