Toddler Program

september 2021

This morning H found a very small feather on the carpet. He was so excited and ran around the room showing his peers. He then stopped and begun to blow it. J watched as the feather hit the ground, he rushed over to grab it and mimicked what H did. Soon W, E and R saw and wanted a turn, of course this became a little busy for only one feather. C and R grabbed more feathers and came up with idea of hanging them from the ceiling on strings for the children to blow and make them move.

Outside the exploration of, how to move the feathers continued. Sticks were collected and feather were tied onto them for the children to run, blow and explore different ways to make the move.A spontaneous dance party even happened as the children twilled, jumped and waved their feather sticks in the air. We also tied more feathers to the tree for the children to explore. C was really excited to use, first her hand to try and move them and then tested the idea of using her stick o make them move. R followed her idea while H was dedicated to using his own blowing technique to make it move. What a fun spontaneous moment that was randomly sparked by one little feather on the floor ????

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Carissa Sanderson RECE