School Age Program

november 2021

P and B are trading pieces for there creations! “If I give you all the clear pieces can I have your four blue buttons for my lake!-P”, “Well clear is the most rare so I guess that is a fair trade-B”. It was interesting to watch them negotiate.

A was looking through our loose parts jar to see what pieces he could add to his growing creation. A was excited to add new things to his creation, “Look I found some shells they will be part of my beach, I think I will add these chess pieces as my people in my kingdom!”-A.

A, B, T and C were all working at the exploration table to see what they could find. “Look I found some green triangles I will use them for trees”-T, “Can I use the dragonfly C?”-A, “No I am using it in my kingdom”-C

Bobbi Abraham RECE, Jennifer Kesner RECE