School Age Program

January 2023

This week in the school age room the children did lots of sensory exploration! The exploration began with A D, C, and R's paint exploration. A began painting on the paper with a paintbrush and then dipped the paintbrush in the paint and then began to paint her hand. "Look what I'm doing" -A D. C then began to paint her hand as well and then stamped her hand print on the paper. "Look how many hands are all over the paper!" -C. R watched C and A D's creation and created her own adaptation. R began to paint her hands and stamp them on the page in a linear fashion. R then took a paint brush and filled in the empty spaces. Throughout the exploration C added water to her painting to see what it would do to the hand prints. "What?! Look the paint is going away!" -C.

The children have been enjoying the sand table in the room but thought it needed to be expanded. Using some flour, sand, and water, the children helped make some kinetic sand. "I want to help pour in something!" -J B. After the oil was poured, the children noticed a change in texture to the sand. "This is probably going to make a mess" -T. "This feels so gross!" -A D. After mixing in the oil the gross feeling started to go away. "This isn't really like kinetic sand. It doesn't stick together the same" -T. M brought some animal toys over to the kinetic sand and began to walk the animals through the sand. M began burying the animals in the sand, watching the sand stick to the animal toys. J then buried his hand in the sand. "Woah! This sand is so cold!" -J B.

Throughout the past couple weeks, the school age children have been making fantastic creations in the snow! With some cold weather, we brought the snow inside. "Look at all the colours mixing!" -C. P used the syringes to draw out the coloured water from the snow. Pulling out the coloured water, P used a plastic muffin tray and mixed the colours to see how many different colours she could make. "I don't know what I did, but I ended up making grey." -P. A began mixing the colours in the snow and seeing how he water would react with the snow. "Look! When I put the water on the ice, the colours from the ice go into the snow!" -A. "Look at all these gems! We should hide them in the snow and then get someone to try to find them" -A. The children spent hours playing in the snow creating food, ice cream, and snow cones! "Come and get the snow cake!" -J.

Jen Kesner RECE

Poonam Arora B Ed