School Age Program

september 2022

This week the school age children have developed an interest in displaying their work and bringing their ideas to paper. An Eric Carle book was placed on the art table and children recreated the pictures with pencils, paint, and paper, following the style Eric Carle uses within his stories. The children developed inspiration from the book and made it into their own! With the placement of new plants and pictures in the room, the children worked on representing these in their own works. "I'm going to bring the easel closer to the flowers so it's easier to look at them so I can paint them" -A. The children focused on the different colours they saw and how they could represent these colours in their own paintings. "We're going to need to mix blue and red to get purple" -R. "It's not purple enough I think we need to add more blue" -A. I also represented the flowers in his own painting. He carefully looked a the picture of the flowers and the displayed flowers and put similar colours onto the paper. He followed the shapes of the flowers and made round strokes to represent the flowers in his creation. W found another way to move his inspiration to paper by creating his own structure to represent. W built a laser out of connective pieces and placed it on top of the light table. With tracing paper, W referenced his creation and drew it onto the tracing paper . "Look I made [the creation] on here (pointing to the tracing paper)" -W. The children's drawings are extremely detailed and organized as they investigated their inspiration thoroughly before representing it on paper.

Ar, Ca, Co, and A have been exploring tracks, roads, and pathways! With the track pieces, they connected the pieces and created turns to create complexities in their tracks. "Look how fast I'm going" -Ca. The tracks moved from the table to the floor so they could expand their creation and make more room to play. "Let's go on the floor so we can all play" -Ar. The children recognized each other's needs and feelings and adapted their activity to consider everyone engaging.

We saw more representation this week with puppet shows! Ca, Co, W, A, and R used the felt story boards and animal and people toys to tell stories they made up and about their own lives. "I'm going to be my dog and you can be my mom" -R. "I'm going to use all the animals and just one person to create a farm" -Ca. The children navigated the environment to find the best place to put on their puppet show and used a table to crouch under to display the puppets without them being visible to the audience. The children moved from their puppet show to the story board to collaborate together. "Can we put a frog in the story with the other animals?" -Co. The children found ways to cooperate and encourage each other to express their ideas into the stories they presented. "Let's make one big puppet show so we can all be in it!" -A

Jen Kesner RECE, Bobbi Abraham RECE, Mackenzie Crawford- Eade