Preschool Program

december 2022

The children have been very involved in dramatic play and randomly creating castles and homes; puppy dog homes, kitty homes and mice homes. Last week during lunch the children had a very interesting conversation regarding “homes” and what you can find in them. Some of the responses were closets, doors, monsters, toys and so on. So today after snack plasticine was placed out with different open ended materials to possibly spark the idea of creating representations of homes or castles. The children were pretty excited to see what was being set up as they all rushed over. To slow down the activity and scaffold skills of how to use and stick the different items together Rachelle first showed them, by taking little pieces of the plasticine to connect the items together. It is important to encourage the children to slow down and focus on what they are making and how to use the materials in a variety of different ways, otherwise they rush through the experiences and don't place pride or attention to materials essentially making them become disposable and not respected.

The outcomes of our creation are so neat and creative as the children connected and built in a variety of different ways.

“It's a castle”- M

“ Home, my home”-W

“I’m making my house”- H

“My home”- R

“My home”- J K

“My home and a porcupine in mommy, C, Daddy and my house”- B

To further expand on this just before afternoon snack we did a collaborative drawing of a house and what you can find it in. Everyone had a turn to add something to the drawing. There were tables, a black monster, corny, television, a kitty, juice, a heart and a pig. ???? Take a look, it is currently up on our bulletin board in our room.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE RT, Carissa Sanderson RECE