Preschool Program

August 2021


Outside today; the preschool children showed us that any material can have 100 applications, ESPECIALLY SAND!

In different areas of our playground we found the children exploring the boundaries of sand from filling and dumping to using sand as a canvas for art.

'G' and 'A' worked together filling up the dump truck and then counting down to dump it back out again

“3,2,1 GO!”

'C' used a stick to carve into the sand

“It my octopus! It has legs!”

'C' methodically poked through the sand, creating “eyes” and “hair” then stuck the stick into the sand creating a nose.

'Ad', 'A', 'C', 'Ev' and 'El' tested the limits of their bodies by climbing up the rocks and jumping off the top onto the sand, before they jumped the children exclaimed:


As they land they proudly look back to their peers who smile back at them.

'Ar', 'F' and 'C' use sand toys to create a large mound of sand on top of a rock, when 'F' walks by and dumps more sand onto the rock he smiles and says


This preschool group always keeps us on the edge of our seat excited to come in each day to see what new exploration will take place. It’s so interesting to see the different ways they take something as common as sand and find so many different uses for it.

Selena Martin, Rachelle Minthorn RECE