Preschool Program

july 2021

Let the construction exploration continue...

This morning a group of children were really involved in creating with plasticene. Selena set up some plasticene with open ended metal items, loose parts and construction books which sparked a lot of attention and involvement. This was to expand on the children’s growing intrigue of construction or “struction” they’ve noticed around our area this summer. We observed the children thinking critically about the items used and how they could represent the children’s thoughts and ideas on “struction” and “machines”.The creations are amazing and so creative!

A " I’m going to make a knocking thing like the digger knocks the building”- referencing the construction book at the table in front of him.

E H “It’s a seat belt”- as he added a small metal bracket to his plasticene

E S was very focused on poking items into his plasticine and making it go “Vroom”

F and E I O where working side by side commenting on each other’s creations

F “I put this here”- placing a screw into his creation.

E I O “It look like a machine!”- pointing to it.

F “Ya machine that makes big sound!”

C “It’s a struction zone it dig.. dig ..dig the road”

Selena Martin, Rachelle Minthorn RECE