Preschool Program

february 2022

Naturally Exploring Cause and Effect.

Throughout this month the preschool children have continued their exploration of pre-math skills, while experimenting with scales, snow, colour mixing and sand we noticed the children thinking critically about how to describe their observations to peers as well as educators. To describe these investigations the children used language such as “More and Less” “Close and Far”, “Heavy and Light”, “Light and Dark”, “Up and Down”, “Empty and full” and “Fast and Slow” Through this, Selena and Lolo tried to take a closer look at what the children were seeing and how to further provoke this interest. Watching the children and reflecting on our observations we realized the children were noticing that their actions have power! Watching their own and their peers’ effect on materials as well as the way the materials used interacted with one another.

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin