Preschool Program

April 2023

All things food!...

Baking, food, and dinners have been a huge interest in the preschool room! From dinner parties to birthday parties and bringing food on pretend walks, the children have been creating so many different food creations. G, E, and J D grabbed cups and began filling them with food items.

“Grab juice and let’s go for a walk” -E

“Do you have coffee [on your walk]?” -J D

“Fill your cup with juice” -G

“We can make pizza for the walk” -J D

After filling their cups up, the boys took their cups and walked around the room while conversing with each other. At the sensory bin with flour and rice, B and L filled up bowls to create pie! B added scoops sticking out of her pie to “add decoration”.

“I made pie!” -B

E and G began grabbing their own scoops and filled cups up with the flour and rice to make ice cream and cake.

“We need 10 cups of flour [for cake]” -E

G and E used the cups and counted to 10 until they had enough flour for their cake. E used a funnel to fill his cup while G used a scoop. After the cake was done, E and G filled their cups with the cake and tapped their cups against each other’s.

“Ta-da! Cheers!” -E and G

Some of the food being introduced has created discussion and questions between the children. With J D’s introduction of coconuts from his dinner party in the jungle with M and B, some children questioned why the coconuts were at a dinner.

“I don’t know why he has coconuts. It’s a little bit confusing.” - G

After J’s explanation of coconuts being found in the jungle, some of the children wondered what a coconut is. To continue this exploration, we’re bringing coconuts into the room to further explore what they are, how to eat them, what they look like, and what’s inside them. Seeing the children’s development on the idea of food and different foods we wouldn’t normally find at a dinner party is really interesting and we’re excited to see how it transforms!

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Jen Kesner RECE