Preschool Program

november 2021

Outside the children continued to explore this idea of filling a space. We watched as they explored similar concepts of spatial exploration and enclosure through a wide variety of mediums and materials. We were excited to join the children on an exploration of a hundred languages of filling an empty space.

I, C, V, R and O gather dried leaves, pinecones and branches before placing them inside a milk crate, The group paid special attention to the quantity inside the container, the group conversed empathically describing their observations. “It’s a lot full” “It’s too close to the bottom” “It’s gonna fall out!” the children yelled to one another as they carted the milk crate across the playground together in search of more natural materials to fill the enclosure

A, R and C explored this concept of filling a space through trucks in the sand. Using scoops they filled the trucks with sand and then carried the sand to another location before unloading, the group would then return to their original spot and refill their trucks and repeat the process all over again. C tells the other two “I’m going to work” before going to unload his sand in their pile.

K, A and C mix together sand and water inside of cup cake tins, bowls, pots and pans. They add more water before taking the mixtures they have created and pouring them inside of other containers, watching closely and yelling out their peer’s names to look at what they were doing; excited to share the experience together.

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin