Preschool Program

may 2023

Today the preschool children were really excited about gardening! With some soil and flower pots set outside, the children filled flower pots up with soil and planted different things!

“I’m planting a leaf!” said B

“Look! I put a grass in mine!”

“I’m making garden for baby A, W, and Mom,” said J K

“I garden at home with my mom and dad,” said G

The children discussed the process of planting, how plants grow, and what different things can grow from seeds. Henderson discussed how to plant a plant by explaining, “you need to put the seed in the dirt and then put dirt on top.” When talking about what makes plants grow R said, “Sun and water!” E also mentioned, “sun helps plants grow and sometimes they won’t grow without sun.” The children then discussed all the different things they have planted in gardens before or plants they knew would grow from seeds.

“I’m growing carrots. I had carrots in my garden at home!” said G

“I’m making pink sunflowers that come from pink seeds!” said C

“I’m growing flowers and they’re going to be really big,” said E

“Big flowers!” said J K

The children talked about wanting to plant something in the room so we began brainstorming different ideas for plants that we could have in our room. Lots of the children talked about flowers and the different colours of flowers they want to grow. We’re excited to see how this interest develops and hope to do some planting in the preschool room!

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Jen Kesner RECE