Preschool Program

february 2023

This morning was all about mixing and stirring. Different baking ingredients were placed out for the children to explore and also to expand on the baking we did with the cupcakes this week for our Valentine's party. Yesterday, as we reflected on our observations, we came across the baking one and began discussing how the children really enjoyed the experience as they mixed and stirred the different ingredients and explored the egg shells that were leftover. This sparked the idea of placing some basic ingredients out with some pots and containers to see if this would further their explorations and possibly provide us a lead to expand on. As the children took turns adding, mixing and stirring them they proceeded to express what they were making.

“I mix it see”- W

“I’ m making syrup. I'm now making pizza, see it's a circle”- H

“Look pancake I eat it”- J

“Ice”- M

“Look me make a pie cake”- J

The children loved the experience as they floated in and out of it. M and J also remained there for 45 minutes exploring the different ingredients and discussing them.

“This is soft see”- as M rubs all of the flour over her hands

“Ya nice, Mix it”- as J poured the flour out of the pot and onto his hands

As we reflected on this we discussed the ideas of continuing to add more ingredients to this play however we wanted to move ahead slowly and add one at a time!

Rachelle Minthorn RECE RT, Carissa Sanderson RECE