Preschool Program

october 2021

This morning we set up the carpet with a large tunnel, the large stage blocks flipped on their side, the toy shelf, and a large piece of fabric that draped over everything. We did this as a way to explore, extend and scaffold the children’s discoveries into creating enclosures, transformation, replicatory play, and spatial awareness, directional play, and perspectives. When the children arrived, amazing things began to happen.

A began dropping objects onto the sheer pieces of fabric and then took two tires and rolled them to the side “I’m making a dump truck...this is all the dirt, it’s going to a different use the steering wheel to drive...I’m putting wheels on my dump truck...1 wheel….2 wheels.” C arrived and joined A. A “C, don't go there, the dump truck will run over you. You can go here (under the tunnel) it will keep you can go under it and I’ll go on top!” C says “now you go under and I will go on top A'' C looks through the cut out “I see you A.” All of a sudden both A and C are on top and C yells “I’m falling in the water!” A takes off his hat and says “ This is my fishing hat… I caught a fishy for you to eat...I caught a shark, not for eating though it can go over there. I’ll catch the sharks so they don't get you C. Now you're safe.” At this point, A came into the room and began walking around the tunnel. She went in and climbed under the tunnel and looked through the hole on the side “Peek a boo, I see you!” she said with a great big smile. B, E, and O were next to Arrive. E’s face lit up when he saw what was happening and immediately joined in on the fun. A said to E “This is our house fishing thing” As E began to crawl underneath he said “We are under! It’s so cozy!” Lolo asked “What does cozy mean?” E replied “It means a blanket. A blanket is cozy” A said “It means the warm of a blanket” E said “It’s totally up there! Ribbit Ribbit” C climbs inside the toy shelf and begins to snore “Goodnight everybody!” V also climbs in and says “Goodnight! I’m going to my home” O layed on the top of the tunnel and threw her head over the side and smiled as she looked at B who was laying on her back and looking up. We wonder if the two girls were using this as a way to explore different angles and perspectives? W joins in and begins to climb on the top “I’m a turtle...I’m a flying seagull...I’m a flying bird...I’m a turtle bird...a turtle who can fly!” The girls began to bring the house area materials to the carpet and were putting plates of food, the babies, and other loose parts into the tunnel. C “This is my and A’s house” V said “That’s where the kids go” All of a sudden, all three girls were on top of the tunnel and V said “This is our horsey” A said “Yes, I ride it!”

What an amazing experience that took up our entire morning. It was so exciting to watch as each child brought something different into the play and how each child’s interactions transformed and added to the group plan. Since this was such a point of interest we are going to set it up again tomorrow for the children to revisit!

Lauren Dewar R,ECE, Selena Martin, Early Childhood Educator Assistant