Preschool Program

september 2021

This morning W was working very hard at the block area. He pulled the planks and chairs over to the house area and began placing them down with intent. He then wheeled over the very large tires and larger planks to the carpet. As he was doing this he was describing to the educator what he was creating. “I’m building my motorcycle and my new truck….This is the tent for my truck, it stops the water.” “I building a trailer for my truck.” At this point, a few of the children saw what W was doing and came over and jumped onto his creation.excitedly said “My friends are riding on my new motorcycle and my truck.” The children then began talking with one another about what they were doing. E said “It’s bouncing” W replied “Like a trampoline” the children then began taking turns running up and down the ramp and jumping off the trampoline! This experience then evolved into everybody riding on W’s truck and motorcycle to go to camp! What an amazing experience to watch as the children navigated how to interact and communicate with one another, listening to each other and taking turns to share their thoughts and ideas! What a sense of belonging and community this created amongst our group! Relationship building at it’s finest!

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin