Preschool Program

January 2023

So many exciting things are happening with our ship interest and explorations!

It all started off with our gross motor area transforming into either a train or a pirate ship. To support this we moved our gross motor area to the house area to allow their structure to stay up which supported and encouraged them to continue to expand and build on their dramatic play. As their dramatic play continued to evolve the pirate ship transformed into the main interest along with pirates and fish. Pictures of different boats were placed on our “pirate ship” and at the table. As the children explored the pictures which sparked conversations regarding the different types of boats and their purposes. This then evolved into sketching their own ships and exploring and discussing different parts of the ships.

“Sailboats have sails. The wind blows them to move”- G

“Speed boats are really fast, it has a engine”- M

“I have a fishing boat. I catch lots of fish”- H

“Pirate ships are really big to have lots of people on them they go on the sea”- E

“Pirate ships have lookout”- H

As the dramatic play continued E mentioned the need to create a “pirate flag for the ship”! This then sent us on a search to collect materials from our recycle area to create our flag. We found the perfect tube and then decided that the flag needed to be black. After we found the fabric we then discussed what shape it needed to be. There was a little debate regarding this however we came to the conclusion that it needed to be a triangle. This then sent us looking around the room for a triangle shape to help us make the flag. Soon J, R, G and H came running back with different sized triangles they found. With a template of what a triangle looks like we then traced and cut out the shape. Once we were finished everyone had a chance to hold and wave the pirate flag. Then we discussed where it needed to be attached and also discussed the need to make another one for the ship, however it had to be round instead of a triangle. During the process of collecting the materials for our second flag R and H found some really neat ribbons which they decided was perfect to be a net to catch fish. “Look Rachelle I found a net, I catch orca’s with it”- H. This naturally supported our fish finding explorations as the children continued to see “Fish, orcas and various sea creatures” within the room. To support this we added sea creatures and books to our environment and gross motor area. So many things are happening as the children share and collaborate their ideas, knowledge and skills regarding ships/ boats and sea creatures. We are excited to see where this will continue to lead us and what other things we might need to add to our “pirate ship” and gross motor area.

Carissa Sanderson RECE

Rachelle Minthorn RECE RT