Infant Program

september 2021

This morning S’ attention was very focused on the fan in the room.He crawled up to it and pushed all the buttons and stretched his arm high, reaching for the top of the fan.

He then noticed the toy push car.He investigated the wheels specifically, turning them back and forth.S also examined the handlebars, moving them every which way.

Once he discovered he could move it, S had an idea! He began to push the car close to the wooden shelf.

S then used the car as a stool to climb up higher. He gave the educator a big smile as he gained courage in his balance.

Success! S was able to reach higher and touch the top of the fan.

Did S realize by investigating the wheels and handlebar that he could manoeuvre the car?What inspired him to use the car to help him reach higher? What creative thinking and problem solving!

Tawni Johnston RECE BaBED, Amanda LeClair RECE