Infant Program

august 2021

Gather Drum Exploration

The children have been showing some interests in making sounds, we have noticed this with various items in our room, such as pots and spoons, rhythm instruments and their hands on the table. Today we decided that it would be fun to explore the gather drum as it rained outside our window.

This was the first time exploring the drum for many of our children. They watched as we used the drum stick, did they notice that it was producing a sound? Many of the children really seemed to enjoy tapping the drum with an open hand, and would pause with both hands placed on the surface. We wonder if they noticed the vibrations.

As we drummed we sang along, the children chose this time to dance and bounce to the song. What a wonderful way to enjoy the music this morning!

Tawni Johnston RECE BaBed, Amanda LeClair RECE