Infant Program

april 2023

With the weather warming up, the infants are more aware of all of the wildlife that exists outdoors! As this is the first Spring where many of the infants are actively aware/engaging with their outdoor surroundings, they have been making so many different discoveries! This all came about one morning when we were going for a neighbourhood walk. K looked up in amazement and pointed up at a flock of birds flying over us! “That is called a bird!” said an Educator as the children watched as the birds perched on a tree. Since then, the children have had a fascination with birds, as well as all other animals we have come across on our journey! The infants enjoy seeing all different kinds of animals when we explore our outdoor environment, such as seeing birds, squirrels, dogs, and even a friendly neighbourhood cat!

This interest has then relayed back to the animals that the children have at home! Many of our infants have cats, dogs, and fish at home that they love so very much. We have placed photos of the children with their pets in our classroom environment to aid in the children’s sense of belonging and further expand their interest in animals! This has then led onto reading books about animals, such as “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and “Old MacDonald”. As the children have previously had an interest in movement, we are wondering if the interest in birds/animals is stemming from the way that they move! Stay tuned for more discoveries!

Emily Merenda RECE, Miranda Lange RECE, Smriti Bhoray ECE, Bed BA in special education