Infant Program

september 2022

The Infant Program has accumulated a few different bubble machines, so we’ve been taking them out and putting them to good use! When we bring them out, the children patiently watch as we pour the bubbles into the top, and then let the magic of them blowing out, one by one, happen! At first, they are so amazed by the appearing bubbles, they just stand there and watch in awe, and then after a few short minutes, they begin to excitedly pop them!

H is always curious about the mechanics of it, trying to put his finger into the area the bubbles came out of, and figuring out how this machine is working, while B & H immediately pop them with their fingers. J often stands and observes what is happening before engaging with his peers, and then begins to clap in the air & pop them as well! Throughout this process & play, it’s really interesting to hear the different sounds & words the children say, and watch as they work together to pop each one, so gently!

Carly Baratta RECE, Emily Merenda RECE, Kennedy Gemmel RECE